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Fall in love with your magnificent Feminine Nature

Fall in love with your magnificent feminine nature and learn to reclaim the power that resides deep within your body!
Loredana Thoenig, fundadora de Filogynia
Loredana Thoenig, Filogynia founder

In today's modern world, most of us women have lost our connection to our authentic power that lies deep within our feminine existence. The daily stress we suffer, the total dedication, being at the service of others and the tense competitive environment in which we live force us to adapt to a rigid way of thinking, feeling and acting, leaving our needs aside.

In this hectic rhythm we all know that we miss out on the value of being in touch with our true nature: our softness and tenderness, our sensuality and joy, our creative power, our authentic beauty.

We all yearn to live in a more passionate, fuller and happier way and we all know that by continuing at this rate, we are in total disagreement with our feminine essence and that in this way, we are only perpetuating suffering and poverty.

The negative consequences of this disconnection are obvious: women are increasingly confused, feeling lost and empty. Too many of us suffer in silence feeling divided inside. Torn between the life we ​​intuitively know we should be living and the life we ​​are actually experiencing. We feel that something is missing in our lives. We constantly strive trying to fill that void with: things we don't use, unhealthy food and drinks, too much partying, cold sex, superficial relationships, unsatisfactory work, abusing the body with extreme diets or cosmetic surgeries and, unfortunately, too many substances. harmful. This is how we repress and exhaust our valuable feminine vital energy when we are unaware of the creative ways to channel sexual energy.

Every woman instinctively knows that there is something else, that within her being there is a latent volcano waiting to be awakened. We present this sleeping or forgotten part of ourselves that we long for and fear so much. And when we wake up, we find ourselves lost in the confusion of a world lacking in empowered female role models. We wake up and we don't know what to hold on to, who or where to look for inspiration. We think that the only options we have left are to imitate the style of masculine power, or to accommodate ourselves with the familiar, with the legacy that the women who preceded us left us. Most of us are unaware that we are creating a new path, that we have a great opportunity to transcend the feminist legacy, access our powerful intrinsic wisdom and lead our lives without having to put aside our needs as women or castrate (divorce) our femininity.

It's amazing to see that women all over the world are looking for the same thing. We no longer want to be like men; the feminist movement tried to give freedom to women and did so abroad. But what in reality we all want to be recognized as powerful beings, to be validated in our authentic feminine nature, in the beauty of our hearts and as complementary poles of the masculine. But, to have that recognition, we must first look inside ourselves and become women who act in an empowered way. We know that we can no longer ask men to give us what we must first give ourselves: we cannot demand that men respect our rights, that they give us freedoms while we discriminate against both men and other women. While we still act as helpless victims and submissive martyrs, we cannot achieve the autonomy we so long for. We women have to do it for ourselves. We need to reinvent ourselves and give birth to our femininity, reclaim our power and most importantly come together and support each other. We no longer need to compete with each other; this is not part of our authentic nature as a woman.

"Women need men, and men need women. To create the world where women and men live in communion, women must discover and unfold our true essence, embrace our differences and offer the gifts of our authentic femininity. To have this balance in the world, we must first have balance within ourselves and in our intimate relationships. Women need more than ever to live expressing more of the radiance of their feminine side."

It is time to wake up in our powerful feminine sexuality, to embrace our essence with all the vulnerability of our compassionate and open hearts; this is how we will inspire men to love and appreciate us.

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